About Us

Having been founded in 1994, our company started Blue jeans production. It has committed the manufacturing and export of the Worldwide-known Blue jeans trademarks in Turkey, outside of our own trademark for long years. During these periods, our company gained great experiences concerning the quality production and reflected this quality on Jeneric jeans.

Jeneric Jeans is a trademark with its own style. We design and manufacture Jeneric jeans models completely within our body. Jeneric jeans models are not manufactured by copying or by being inspired by other models in the world. However, the models of Jeneric jeans are copied in many spots of the world and they are even manufactured under the trademark of Jeneric jeans by being imitated. Such imitators are being searched, legal precautions are taken and the required proceedings are performed against the determined ones.

The fabric used in the Jeneric jeans products is specially-made fabric. High quality and 100% Turkish fabric, which is manufactured in our country, is used in our products. Jeneric Jeans has become a trademark with customers from all over the world; particularly Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and East Block countries. Although we, as Jeneric jeans, have made a comprehensive marketing and advertisement work, the fact that our models are of a different style has drawn the attention of Blue jeans merchandisers and consumers in various spots of the World.

However, Jeneric jeans aims to reach more customers as of 2011. And for this, they aim to start international popular fairs and advertisement organizations as of 2011. Our another target is to deal with the partners who have a great marketing network in the Countries and would market Jeneric jeans in the country ideally, as we believe.